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Namey Financial Group

Namey Financial Group

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Since 1994, Daniel Namey, has guided countless individuals and business owners through uncertain times and changing markets. We attribute our success to our founding investment principles and unique approach to active wealth management. Since our inception, we have been continually reminded of the value investors gain from working with a trusted advisor. By serving as a single point of contact, we simplify the complexities of your financial situation and allow you to focus on the things you do best.

While we are especially involved in the Northeast Florida community, our clients extend throughout the United States. Our years of experience and national presence allow us to utilize strong relationships with third-party administrators, insurance companies, and asset managers across the industry. As with our clients, these relationships are founded on trust, integrity, and objectivity. By coordinating with your current advisors and other financial specialists, we build a dynamic team of professionals and deliver a truly personalized investing experience.

This strategic partnership allows us to provide answers to your most pressing questions: Should I be engaged in equity markets? Will my assets last? Can I sustain and enhance my quality of life? As your advocate, we will create strategies that take the guesswork out of your financial life and strengthen your future.